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Everyone Sees Life Differently.

You are unique, an individual. No other person thinks, acts, or looks the same way you do. Your vision needs are also unique. Your lenses need to fit your lifestyle, and give you the best vision possible.

First Look Opticians will provide you with lenses tailored to the way you live.

Whether you are looking for fashion or functionality, technology or simplicity, First Look Opticians’ lenses will improve your vision and fit your own unique life.

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First Look Opticians offers a wide selection of lens options including a variety of lens materials, lens enhancements and lens designs. You can go straight to our Lens Menu .pdf download here. Read The Lens Menu (.pdf file) Click here to download.

Lens Materials include:

Plastic: More impact resistant than glass, easier to tint, and lighter in weight
Polycarbonate: Impact resistant, lightweight and comfortable. Provides
maximum protection as safety or sports glasses.

Glass: Although it is twice the weight of plastic, glass is scratch resistant
and provides distinct clarity.

Photocromic: Available in either plastic or glass, it transitions from almost
clear indoors to various shades of darkness outdoors.

High Index: This ultrathin lightweight lens provides the most benefit for
moderate to high prescriptions.

Lens Enhancements include:

Anti-Reflective Coatings: Enhances the appearance and reduces reflection
on lenses. Maximizes night vision and reduces eye strain.

Polarized: Eliminates reflective glare from sun, water, snow and other
surfaces. Superior to ordinary sunglasses.

Tint: Protects light sensitive eyes. Tints are available in many colors and

UV Coating: Blocks up to 100% of potentially harmful ultraviolet light
without changing the lens’ appearance.

Scratch Resistance Coating: Increases durability and resistance to scratches
when applied to plastic and polycarbonate lenses.

Lens Designs include:

Single Vision: Provides one power or single vision correction (distance or

Bifocal and Trifocal: Provides correction for up-close, mid-range and

Progressive: Provides correction for up-close, mid-range, and distance with
no lines separating the powers of correction.

lensmenuRead The Lens Menu (.pdf file) Click here to download.

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